Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hello and welcome!

I've tried blogging before and I think that I will try it again. I am a mother of 2 beautiful
children and I also have 6 wonderful pets. My daughter, Magdalena (Maggie), just turned four years old and my son, Maxwell, will be turning two in April. I have two cats, Slinky and Olive, a lab/hound mix puppy named Mykela, two guinea pigs named Mandarin and Mr. Spongebob and a beta fish. I work at the local middle school as a paraeducator and I am currently working toward my teaching certification.
I love learning about new ways to be kind to the environment, and my wallet, as well as save time. I am inspired to start this blog as a way of sharing what I learn about the above and hopefully get some good ideas from others as well.
I also love to craft. I am an avid knitter and will hopefully be learning to crochet soon. I would love a sowing machine, but do not have one as of yet. I relax by crafting or by searching online for fun and interesting ideas. So, I might just post some links to fun stuff I find in these arenas as well. Hope to hear from lots of people!