Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nearly finished new room pics

We painted the top half of the room blue, left the ceiling and the bottom half of the room white, then we put wood trim in the middle to clean up the lines and give it some class.

The chair in the corner of the room (the pictures are backwards, by the way).

You can see the lovely view of our garden out the window, not I just need to put up blinds and maybe even a curtain.

The light fixture, too bad I can't take a decent picture of it lit up.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pictures of the new room

   Here are pictures of our newly renovated room. It was a storage room and my very talented brother-in-law Glen Winslow of Winslow Carpentry put up all the things needed to make it a room. He put in a bigger door, added a window, added electrical outlets and a fitting for a ceiling light and so much more. He worked hard and barely took a break. I hope we didn't work him too hard. And, we greatly appreciated everything he did for us.
    These are not the greatest pictures. We realized we could be using the laptop to take pictures too late. I wish we had thought of it so we could have documented more of the work. I know I'm putting these up in the wrong order, I should put up the before pictures first.

Me with primer that Matt had spilled on me. I feel like a real homeowner now, I'm painting!

The window. Amazing job! It really makes the room feel much more open and happy.

We now have electricity in all four walls and a light switch for a ceiling light! Awesome. Too bad we couldn't have that in all the bedrooms upstairs, only one has a ceiling light right now.

Looking out the door into the kitchen.

You can see the chimney, haven't decided if we want to paint it, cover it or just leave it as is.

The ceiling light unit. The light is now hung, after priming before painting. Maybe I'll leave the ceiling white.