Monday, July 26, 2010

Miriam, Miriam close to delirium how does your garden grow? Part 2

Here is how my garden looks now. As you can see, things have definitely grown much bigger! I have one lone pepper growing on a plant that has a tomato plant on one side and a cucumber on the other. The other pepper plant has an eggplant on one side and zucchini on the other. I have had to give up on weeding since I can't really get in to pull them up. My poor beans have been overtaken by the plants behind them and are no longer growing beans. Of course, the four that still have sun have gotten brown leaves, it almost looks like the intense heat of the past few weeks have burned the plants. Also, a lot of the leaves have been eaten by bugs. I don't know if we will be able to eat the cabbage at all. I have been getting a ton of cucumbers, and so far one eggplant and two zucchini. I was getting a ton of beans until they got buried. Once the tomatoes start to turn red we will have a bunch of those as well. I will have to make pasta sauce and salsa galore!

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