Monday, July 26, 2010

More on how to hide veggies

Today I made meatloaf, it's in the oven right now, and I added a few things to the recipe. I used my regular recipe (half lean beef, half ground chicken with Italian bread crumbs and egg white) then I also put in a red pepper and a couple of carrots. We shall see how the family reacts. My guess is that they will have no idea, or they will just notice that the meatloaf has a slight sweet flavor to it. I am excited to try it. I really want to get the kids eating more veggies. I don't really see that it's all that different from putting ketchup in like many recipes call for, except that it is healthier this way.

These pictures are ones I took awhile ago, the last time I made veggie pizza. The one on the left is of just the veggies after they had been dejuiced. The one on the right is the batter after all the ingredients had been added. I meant to take a picture of the finished product but forgot to do that since it tasted so good!

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