Friday, January 8, 2010

What's for dinner? (12-8-10)

    Once again experimented and got a not so warm reaction. I made a smoothie to go with dinner, and added vegetables (red leaf lettuce, carrot and a few green beans), along with the juice, yogurt and fruit blend that I normally use. But, I overdid it. I drank mine, but it wasn't very good. I think that I should have not used whole carrot. All the recipes for juicing that I have seen online call for taking the pulp out, but I thought, hey, fiber. I was very impressed with how well my cheap blender did at making it very smooth. My mistake was when I made it I smelled it and since it smelled so good I added the second half of the carrot of which I had put in half. I guess that just made it too much.
   Anywho, we had breakfast for dinner tonight. I made a souffle of sorts. It was supposed to be a large omelet to share, but it was too thick to fold, so I just flipped it and melted cheese on top. While looking online to find a substitute for milk I found a great list of substitutions on (you'd think that they paid me to advertise, but I just find a lot of good stuff on there). Then I made half a bagel and sausage for each of us.

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