Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gave in to a craving

Well, here it is almost one in the morning because I gave in to a craving and had to make soft pretzels. Shortly after getting home from work I got a craving and looked around for a good recipe. I found one on the food network site here. If you make 8, as the recipe suggests they are 8 PP apiece, by changing it to whole wheat flour it brings it down to 7, or if you make the pretzels smaller and make 16 instead they are 4 PP apiece, either way. Definitely not an every day treat, but they are very good. I think that I will use a similar recipe to make mini bagels. The kids would absolutely love that. I think next time I will try substituting some of the whole wheat flour (maybe 1/4 of it) for ground oats. Interesting, that doesn't change the PP value at all. If divided into 30, the amount I thought would be good for mini bagels they are 2 PP each. Definitely worth it and fun to make! Hmmm.... I want to try making spinach bagels, and blueberry bagels, and....

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